Sliding doors

What are sliding doors?

Internal glazing systems offer a way to create clear and minimal internal partitions within a space. Glazed interior door and walls ensure transparency between spaces, opening the interior landscape of a room or level. We offer a broad range of interior glass solutions to suit the broad range of projects we work on. Whether your design calls for a clear, frameless glass door, or a steel look folding glass partition, we can offer an elegant and highly engineered solution. Our range includes options for minimal and modern internal glass doors as well as high-performance fire-rated doors.

Energy Efficient Aluminium Patio Doors

All of our Climadoor sliding aluminium door systems use thermally broken aluminium. This means that the door frames feature an insulating layer set between the profiles of the frame. Aluminium conducts heat, so without this thermal break layer, heat would escape too easily to the outside, sending your energy bills up.

A wide range to choose from.

Our high quality sliding aluminium glass doors are available in a range of sizes and specifications. We cater for all standard patio door sizes, and we can offer 2, 3 and 4 door systems for sale. With smart black, anthracite grey and white aluminium sliding patio doors available, you can add a stylish and contemporary edge to your home. All doors are available in both twin and triple track options, depending upon the number of panels required, and you can choose your panel configuration to best suit you and your home.


The large glass panes in sliding doors allow a lot of natural sunlight into the home during the day. With panes running from the ground up to the top of the door panel, you may not even need to turn on any lights in the house during the day! This helps turn your home into an energy-saving zone and cut down on your monthly utility bills. At the same time, the natural lighting makes your home more welcoming and inviting.