About Us

Royal Team is a brand of Alu System Plus, which is family business established in 1989. Since then, each year the company increases its own potential and range of offered products.

Modern production equipment and highly qualified staff allow us to introduce a lot of latest technological solutions and offer good product in competitive price and very efficient service.

We are focused on modern customer service systems. Through the internet, our clients can follow all our offers and products at any place and at any time. The Door Configurator allows customers to get quotation right away.

Customer service

The Royal Team company uses the slogan: “customer in the center” and endeavors for efficient, fast service for our business partners.

Qualified staff provides technical support and information about the orders being carried out. Every our customer is treated individually with particular commitment to build a good business partnership. Our main priority is speed of execution of orders and on time deliveries. Those facts are very significant in the era of short deadlines and high requirements of investors.


Royal Team has own calculation system. Thanks to that our customers receive list of material with prices, production documents, visualization and thermal and static parameters.
ALUCAD Software is available free of charge for our partners.
Conservatories are designed by KKP software, which allows to visualize project and add it to customer property’s picture.

Powder coating

We have our own modern vertical powder paint shop, which is fully automated with high efficiency and colour repeatability. This allowed us to very quick powder coating of large number of orders in various colours. We have full control of quality of your profile coating.
Painting is carried out in accordance with Qualicoat standard.

The latest solution used in coating process make it possible to change colours quickly, and powder recovery, which allows us to maintain competitive prices for our customers.

We are also having an horizontal powder coating shop for smaller profiles and aluminium fittings. In our all powder coating plants we are using ecological solutions to reduce carbon footprint to avoid negative impact for natural environment.