Internal glzaing

What is internal glazing?

Internal glazing systems offer a way to create clear and minimal internal partitions within a space. Glazed interior door and walls ensure transparency between spaces, opening the interior landscape of a room or level. We offer a broad range of interior glass solutions to suit the broad range of projects we work on. Whether your design calls for a clear, frameless glass door, or a steel look folding glass partition, we can offer an elegant and highly engineered solution. Our range includes options for minimal and modern internal glass doors as well as high-performance fire-rated doors.

Safe glazing

In high traffic areas, tempered or laminated glazing are the best options. In the event that they would sustain an impact, they won’t break into the large jagged shards that increase the likelihood of an injury. Tempered glass will crumble into small chunks that would need to be cleaned up immediately. Laminated glass would remain standing since the broken glass remains bonded to the interior layer.

An Open Feel

An open concept office promotes collaboration and community, but it also comes with downsides, namely a lack of visual and sound privacy. Glass partitions solve these problems by allowing for an open feel while increasing visual privacy through strategic frosting or integrated blinds. Sound privacy is also increased as a result of the acoustic rating.


Whether it’s in your home or office, glazed doors can help you easily see from one room to another. As obvious as this may seem but the transparency of glazed doors is a big bonus if you have young children in your home or if you want to have an open plan effect to your office but still have some privacy for certain departments. Being able to see from one room to another is a big thing in terms of safety in your home as you can keep an eye on things at all times. If you are in the kitchen and have children in another room, glazed doors can give you that added piece of mind of being able to keep an eye on what is going on the opposite room.